Despite having a truly interesting history, Gródek is a part of the Old Town that is rarely visited.

Several of its features certainly deserve our attention. Taking into consideration the peace and quiet of this place, it’s hard to believe that the Market Square and busy Sienna Street are just a few steps away.

The area bears little resemblance to the rest of the Old Town – we don’t see the same regular street pattern as elsewhere, typical of Kraków since the chartering of the town in 1257. This is because in the Middle Ages it was the site of a small stronghold whose erection had to do with the events in 1311 related to the rebellion of Krakovian nobles against king Ladislaus the Elbow High. The leader of the rebels, alderman Albert, fortified his residence here. After the fall of the rebellion, the king decided to keep the little castle as a symbol of his rule and victory. This is how Gródek was born. The outline of the former fortifications can still be traced in the form of today’s streets Mikołajska, Św. Krzyża and Sienna.

The Gródek was later home to the municipal court, and after that a house of the Tarnowski family was placed here. In 1634, the site saw the rise of what became the church of the Our Lady of the Snow and the Convent of the Dominican Sisters. According to the concept of the founder, Anna Lubomirska, it was supposed to be a votive offering for the battle won by the Polish against the Turks at Khotyn. On the façade of the Dominican Convent from the side of the Planty park one can see the outline of the old town gate called the Butcher’s Gate (Brama Rzeźnicza). It is one of very few remnants of the town’s medieval fortifications.

The long and rich history left us unique archeological artifacts. Found where today the hotel has its cellars, they are now exhibited in the hotel museum.Visit now!

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