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The Kościuszko restaurant and café is a place where traditional flavours can be enjoyed in a homely atmosphere. Our chefs, Grzegorz Cieluch and Artur Bała, are a truly talented duo. Their specialties include many traditional Polish dishes, such as broth, beef roulade and zander in butter sauce, offering both an extraordinary dining experience and a taste of old Polish customs. Their professionalism and dedication to fine cuisine manifest themselves in choosing only the best products.

The restaurant is situated in an orangery, but it has more to it. In the summer season, our guests can also enjoy the weather in the outdoor garden. Why not try some of the excellent Polish wines from Mierzęcin or from the sunny Italian vineyards run proficiently by the Order of Malta?   

The friendly ambiance, along with the aromas of freshly ground coffee and home baked goods, provide a chance to escape the hectic city life, while our waitstaff is there to make you feel at home. 

Opening hours:  12:30 - 23:00


valid from February 1st



  • Roasted beets and spinach salad  -  24 zł
  • Butterhead lettuce with goose  -  28 zł
  • Rabbit pâté  -  29 zł
  • Beef tartare with quail’s egg  -  33 zł
  • Herring in sour cream  -  18 zł


First courses

  • Pasta with parsley pesto  -  26 zł
  • „Pierogi” with meat filling

or „ruskie” (with potato and cottage cheese filling)  -  25 zł

  • Hunter’s stew with venison  -  27 zł



  • Traditional broth with noodles  -  14 zł
  • Red beet soup with traditional dumplings  -  16 zł
  • Cream of pumpkin  -  18 zł
  • Boletus mushroom soup with traditional rectangular noodles  -  19 zł


Main courses

  • Pike perch fillet in butter sauce  -  59 zł
  • Cod rosted in parchment  -  55 zł
  • Chicken roulade with smoked sheep’s milk cheese and cranberries  -  39 zł
  • Duck fillet with apples in rose sauce  -  49 zł
  • Bone-in veal chops  -  65 zł
  • Beef tenderloin with boletus mushrooms  -  68 zł
  • Old Polish style beef roulades  -  48 zł



  • Chocolate parfait with strawberry mousse  -  19 zł
  • Apple pie with ice cream  -  17 zł
  • Kraków-style cheesecake  -  19 zł
  • Traditional racuchy pancakes with apples  -  16 zł


Kids menu

  • Tomato soup with noodles  -  12 zł
  • Gold chicken tenderloins  -  19 zł
  • Fish sticks  -  15 zł


Hotel Kościuszko
ul. Papiernicza 3, 31-221 Kraków, Polska +48 12 614 14 41
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